Turkey Shepherd’s Pie, or What to do With Those Thanksgiving Leftovers


More appetizing than a turkey sandwich

After a couple of days of straight up Thanksgiving leftovers I was ready to see something different on my plate and clear out my fridge at the same time.  I was first going to make Turkey Pot Pie, but then it occurred to me that I’d still have a mountain of mashed potatoes hogging valuable fridge real estate if I did that, so for dinner on the second day after Thanksgiving I decided to make turkey Shepherd’s Pie instead. Now, if you ask a purist such as my husband, what most of us know as Shepherd’s Pie is actually Cottage Pie, since real Shepherd’s Pies are made with ground lamb, not ground beef. So I’m not sure whether calling this dish a Turkey Shepherd’s Pie is accurate, but it helps you get the picture, right?  A Shepherd’s pie is essentially meat and vegetables in gravy topped with mashed potatoes and browed in the oven.  Depending on the leftovers you have from your Holiday Turkey Dinner you may just be able to put this together without making anything at all.


The leftovers that went into my Turkey Shepherd’s Pie were mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (French’s Fried Onions and all), carrots and onions that lined the bottom of my turkey roasting pan (no I don’t discard those), gravy, and of course turkey.   As it turned out, I didn’t have enough gravy, so I needed to make more of that, but that was OK since I had a half a carton of chicken broth that I needed to use up.


Turkey, Vegetables, and Broth all mixed up

I diced and mixed the turkey and vegetables. Then I made more gravy by making a quick roux from butter and flour, adding 2 cups of chicken and simmering it for about 10 minutes, allowing it to thicken (and adding the leftover gravy).  I combined the turkey/vegetable mix and gravy and poured it into a baking dish.  I topped it with the mashed potatoes (that I had loosened up with a little bit of hot milk) and put it in a 375 F oven for 20 minutes, until the gravy bubbled around the edges of the potatoes and the potatoes were slightly browned.


Warm and bubbly

I served our Turkey Shepherd’s Pie with stuffing, Brussels sprouts and of course cranberry sauce.



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2 Responses to Turkey Shepherd’s Pie, or What to do With Those Thanksgiving Leftovers

  1. Thanks! I Also ended up toasting our leftover stuffing, breaking it down to crumbs and using it as breading on some oven fried pork chops. Very tasty and the seasoning was already built in.

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