Fall Harvest

All summer I have lovingly tended a tomato plant under Little Missy’s eager supervision. When we’d go out to water the tomato, she’d dance around the plant yelling, “OK! eat?” They say having your kids help with growing veggies will get them interested in eating them too.  Well, it worked in the case of tomatoes, but didn’t really extend to other veggies.  Actually, she’d discovered she liked tomatoes even before I got the plant.  But still it was nice to see her make a connection between the tomatoes that come in the plastic clam shell and the ones that grew on my little vine.


So far, as of mid September, my plant has produced a whopping 6 ripe tomatoes. Actually there were 8, but two were cruelly swiped by a neighborhood critter. Can we say, “Swiper no swiping?” Even with a chicken wire cage around the plant. Like a fool I’d left the top open. Silly me for wanting to make watering the thing easy! Ironically it was the very first and very last ripe tomato that were stolen. Both were gone in the night right before I intended to pick them. When my plant started to produce I thought I’d get a nice long break from the bland store bought tomatoes but then the heat set in and the factory shit down despite my efforts to keep the plant sufficiently watered. That was until sometime in August when I noticed new flowers that soon had little green orbs sticking out.


With renewed interest I watered and checked on the fruit daily and was happy to see them growing and even new ones sprouting. I hoped against hope that the warm weather would continue long enough to allow this one last crop to ripen on the vine but with night time temperatures falling into the 50’s and 40’s and pretty much staying in the 60’s during the day, I finally harvested the tomatoes that had grown and brought them in to ripen on my window sill.  This was my biggest haul and sadly there are plenty of tiny tomatoes left on the plant that will not make it.

Saved from impending frost

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