Taco Nite

Last week we had tacos for dinner and it occurred to me that the last time we’d had tacos was almost exactly a year ago. Then I realized why we didn’t have tacos more frequently: all the prep. And our dining room table, which supposedly seats 6 is overrun by little bowls of this and that and various bottles of sauces and jars of condiments.  Our tacos are fairly simple fare. We get soft and crunchy tacos and fill them with refried beans (canned), ground beef, that I season myself (do you know how much sodium is in those packets of taco seasoning??), shredded cheese (Mexican blend, but not taco seasoned. Again, who needs all that salt??), shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and onions, jalapenos, and sauce. I tend to leave out sour cream and guacamole simply because the hubs doesn’t eat them so it’s a bit of a waste for just me and those tacos are pretty packed already! But tacos make such a fun meal and the prep isn’t really that much work. We really should have taco night more often than once a year!

So last week was the first time our two year old got tacos and to be honest I was a little nervous because her track record with new foods isn’t that great and she’s not a fan of eating food mixed together. Everything has to be served individually. But I was hoping the fun factor of being able to eat with her fingers (which she still mostly does anyway) and sampling little bits and pieces of different fillings would pique her interest enough to get her to eat.

Well, not only did she eat but even uttered the words every parent longs to hear at the table, “Thank you, mommy.” WHOA! That was totally unprompted too. We are teaching our little angel to say thank you and usually have to whisper in her ear to get her to remember this little polite gesture but this thank you came out all on its own.  Not only did our little darling express her thanks but she asked to have some diced tomatoes, which until now have been “yucky.” Turned out she actually liked the tomatoes and has even asked for some since then (and actually eaten them too).  Then she spied the bottle of red taco sauce, which she thought was ketchup.  So I put a little dot of sauce on her plate to let her dip her finger in to give it a try. Her eyes went wide, she took a gulp of water, and then gasped, “more!” This girl is crazy! She actually started dipping her taco in the little pool of sauce I poured on her plate.  So yes, taco night will have to become more of a fixture and maybe I’ll try to make my own refried beans or black bean salad or try shredded pork instead of ground beef.

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